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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #7

Do you realize that it's February already! Well things just creep up on me usually and I am late. It wasn't always like that. I was the one who always wanted to have a party - for birthdays, all the holidays, including Valentines day. I'd get everyone committed to be there (where ever) and what they wanted to bring, or what kind of party they wanted to have. You know, picnic out of town, backyard bar-b-que, a night out at the clubs for dancing, just a nice dinner party at who ever is turn it was house or what ever. Some family and some, a mixture of friends and family.
Valentines Day is a beautiful way to show the one you love (or like, guess it depends on your age, or does it?) how much you appreciate, care for, are comfortable with after all those years you have spent together.
I've been married 21 years, and we are just getting comfortable enough that we don't have to have the other's attention all the time. Gosh, was he difficult to get trained. LOL LOL
Seriously though, he isn't very romantic but all I have to do is ask for something and he gets it for me. I had to break through the "NO" period he went through but I made it. WHOOHOO I'm sure all you wives out there have been through or maybe still going through that time. Don't worry. This too will pass. hehehe
The stores are full of cards appropriate for this great holiday. If you are buying for him or her buy Handmade. The products are made better and most are one of a kind. Jewelry is the way to a women's heart. There is plenty of handmade jewelry out there on the net. I even have a store that caters to the Large and Lovely women. Feel free to leave comments or subscribe to my blog.
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