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Friday, February 13, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #8

Today on my blog I'd like to spotlight another member of my Etsy Team.
Her Name is AnnaLee Husband & she lives in Toronto, Canada. She is an exceptionally brilliant jewelery designer who takes delite in making lasting and timeless jewelry with genuine stones and a large variety of metals. It isn't difficult to tell a piece of her jewelry, she really has her brand etablished.

She has three shops but, today we'll only be
talking about her Sassy D Lites Shop that is
full of lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry.
They stand alone. Just look at them, and you
want to go out and buy a new outfit to match.

She makes really great Men's Jewelry.
Beautiful and masculine. Here is just one
example of her good taste in men's jewelry.

She has ingredible color combo selection. Unusual looking to me, just because I wouldn't have thought of using all the different colored wires and real stones.

Don't forget to stop by our eSMArts Team Shop. where all the monies received is given to a charitable cause and all the items in the shop are donated by the team.

You can find AnnaLee on Etsy at or read more about her at her blog


A Beaded Affair said...

Wonderful article on Anna Lee. I just love all her jewelry. The combinations of high quality stones and metals is irresistable.

Theresa said...

Beautiful article about Anna Lee. That pendant with is gorgeous and one of my favorites. I really enjoyed reading about her.

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Jann, thanks so much for developing this lovely feature article! It's a treat working with you on team eSMArts...
~Anna Lee

ChezChani said...

Beautiful work. I don't think that last pendant is just for me, it would be great on anyone.