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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #20

I have once again,

in my wanderings,

found another

superb craft. I have

seen a few handmade

yarn sites but, I

personally think

this one is especially

wonderful. This one is on Etsy and from the

looks of the number of sales it's owner

doesn't need my few encouraging words.

All the yarn

on this site

is handmade.

and I have

to say, in the

most beautiful


Vibrant, rich colors, like I have not seen

before. Some with almost a tie dyed look.

Also, she knits some of the most beautifully

and unusual pieces.

These are some

of the fab knitted

pieces I was

talking about.

I crochet but

have never been

able to catch on

to knitting.

The stitch in this

cape looks so

delicate and the

design is wispy

and soft.

The name of this shop is

"No Two Snowflakes"

Swing over to

this great little

shop, if for

nothing else

than a look.

You won't

be wasting your time.

Also I have been in a Collection on

Artfire. See it on artfire at my site

Stop by and have a look at my site.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #19

Look what I found, whileskimming through the
directory on LinkReferal!
These adorable pieces of button
jewelry. Really, who would ever
have thought of something so simple? Not
me but, they are soo cute. How
great is it
to have a never ending number
of fun and terrific crafts to look at
and purchase for ourselves. Right
at your fingertips is an entire
world of new products and fab
ideas, just like this one. This first
pair of earrings are so clever and
sweet and as
we look down the line of photos
the more amazing they become.
I am happy to
introduce those of you who
haven't had the pleasure of
seeing Edith and Lulu's button
jewelry at
to take a peek.
I suggest that all of you check
out this fun site. It is really
unique and fun.
I also suggest that you stop by
my Artfire shop and browse
all the new items listed.
Please take the time to
comment and check out the
my facebook page.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Art & Artists - Me and My Friends #18

I have found
another craft
that I have
fallen in love
with and would
like to pass on
to anyone
I picked it up
pretty easily
so if I can do it
anyone can..
I've been playing around with fabrics and, unfamiliar to me,
techniques, when I came across off-loom weaving.

The first picture is a close up photo of one of my original
pieces of material. You can make a dimensional or flat
piece. You can use your imagination as what you would
like to weave. As you can see I have used beads, yarn,
embroidery threads, fringes, ribbons and more.
I think I just ran out of colors matching what I had
already used.

Here is a picture
of the Clutch I
made using my
new handmade
fabric. The clutch
itself is purple
and lime single
crochet, with felt
lining. It has 2
pouches inside,
one just
for the shoulder

This is a
Purse I
made. I
Brass rings
to hold the
There are 3
rows of
purple ribbon laced through the top 3 rows of the purse
and ties in front. I made a 6 layer lotus flower with a
built-in stamen. This purse is lined in a rust colored lining
material. I love this yarn's colors. They are rust, purple,
amber, and a medium dark green. So colorful! So pretty!
So spacious, and at a great price.

Here is the
first attempt
at felting. I
went out to
a second
hand shop
angora sweater.
After I felted,
it was really
beautiful but,
it was also
half the
original size.
I had alot of
fun designing
the bag after
felting was completed. This one is called The Flower Garden.
There are crocheted flowers, ribbon flowers felted flowers,
layered flowers, felted leaves, crocheted leaves and yarn
stems, beaded stamens, etc. Gosh, did I have fun with one. I
even got to color all the felted flowers and leaves.
I hope everyone that reads my blog really enjoys my new
ventures and will leave a comment. I love reading them.