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Friday, May 15, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #12

Hi All;
I have not written
on my blog in so
long, I have the
need to blog!

I have been
playing with a
new medium.
What fun!!!!
These are a few
samples of my

I am using a
stainless steel
blank with a
built in bail

You will see these
all over the
Internet. Most of
them are wooden
scrabble blocks,
with either paper
or fabric on them,
then some kind of
sealer to keep it
clean or just
shine. There are
several on the

I have been
using Enamels
with a glossy
top coat. This
is an easy craft
to learn but,
it takes quite a
long time to
cure. After
you paint your
first layer it
needs to cure
over night. so
depending on
how many
layers it takes
you to finish
your design
plus the 3
glossy top coats
which also needs
to be cured over
night it could
take a few days.
So, I had 4 or 5
going at the same

To me, the
abstracts are
more difficult to
do because they
really need
planning. The
flowers, fish
and tree were
much simpler. I
already knew
everything about
flowers, fish &

Well, I hope you
found this craft
something you
would enjoy
doing yourself
and really have

"Red Tulip"