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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #20

I have once again,

in my wanderings,

found another

superb craft. I have

seen a few handmade

yarn sites but, I

personally think

this one is especially

wonderful. This one is on Etsy and from the

looks of the number of sales it's owner

doesn't need my few encouraging words.

All the yarn

on this site

is handmade.

and I have

to say, in the

most beautiful


Vibrant, rich colors, like I have not seen

before. Some with almost a tie dyed look.

Also, she knits some of the most beautifully

and unusual pieces.

These are some

of the fab knitted

pieces I was

talking about.

I crochet but

have never been

able to catch on

to knitting.

The stitch in this

cape looks so

delicate and the

design is wispy

and soft.

The name of this shop is

"No Two Snowflakes"

Swing over to

this great little

shop, if for

nothing else

than a look.

You won't

be wasting your time.

Also I have been in a Collection on

Artfire. See it on artfire at my site

Stop by and have a look at my site.

1 comment:

Pam said...

The colors are LUSH and the designs
intricate simplicity--LOVE your stuff. Thanks for creating such lovely things! Eye Candy!