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Friday, February 13, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #9

I'd like to show you a few new pieces of my Large & Lovely line of jewelry.
I'm really trying to stretch my skills. I've had a great time and am still
growing. Very soon I'll be uploading my new embroidery beaded
bracelets, but for now here are my newest attempts.
I personally love this one.
The colors, I like bright and
sparkly. The beadweaving
style is a very old Dutch
Spiral design. I added loads
of drop beads on both ends
and on the end of the chain.
By the way the chain makes
the bracelet adjustable
to about any size needed.

The next one I'm showing is a
spring coloredverigated furry
yarn heart. The heart is covered
with multi-colored glass leaves
between shiny pale pink
rondelles. There are three
strands of long length, each
were crocheted seperately then
all three on one side were
braided to the very end.
Then leaves were added at the
end to dangle. Imagine wearing
this necklace with a sweet looking
sundress, or what ever you like.
The last item of today is a set. A wire wrapped bracelet with two sizes and oodles of fresh water pearl drops on the front of the bracelet and on the back ends of the band. The matching earrings also are just lavishly dripping pearls. This set looks great with dress jeans or a sundress or even a semi-formal. You deside.
You will find many more lovely items for both the Large & Lovely and the Medium and Small wrist sizes at my shop.


Anonymous said...

Jann, the crocheted fiber necklace is stunning! What a unique, intriguing design! You truly should write a tutorial for this! I know I'm not the only one that would be interested in learning how to put all that together! GREAT WORK! Teri

ChezChani said...

What fun jewelry, very VERY different!

Michelle Myers said...

I like the colors and textures in the 2nd piece :).

By the way, it was good to see you yesterday!

Dani said...

Hi Jann~! Large and Lovely is luscious~! The features pieces here are so fresh and fun. You have certainly stepped out of your box in style~!!!

Perfectly Twisted said...

Hi Jann! These are adorable! Large and amazing pearls! Love them. :)

Studio618 said...

Jann, the crocheted piece is truly unique. I like it.