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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #6

Hello Everyone;

Today I am Showcasing an artist whom I've met through my Etsy Team, eSMArts group. Her name is Wilma Travis and she makes beautiful glass beads. Wilma lives in Crystal, Minnesota.
She is a mother of three, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Wilma starting her crafting in High School, where she made all her own clothing. All that sewing sure came in handy when she had her children. Once they were too grown up to have Mom making their clothes, Wilma branched out and made heavy flannel Western Style shirts which were quite popular. Wilma has made alterations to Wedding Dresses and everything in between. Kudos Wilma!

Next Wilma tried her hand in Ceramics. She really enjoyed doing Ceramics but, started branching out. She was introduced to a friends Mother, who was making porcelain dolls. Wilma was on her way to another addition to her long list of skills. Wilma bought a kiln and made porcelain dolls and the clothing they wore. Wow, lucky dolls.

While, one day Wilma was mall shopping, she slipped into a stained glass shop just to look around and quickly fell in love. Wilma got so good, she was selling from big panels to sun catchers and Christmas tree ornaments. Wilma is a woman of many creative interests and talents.

Wilma stumbled upon Lampworking by accident while researching bead making. Once again she was on fire for another craft and she does make the most beautiful beads. Wilma is quite the Artist.

In Wilma's own words "It's difficult to describe just how much joy I receive from a blob of melted glass that turns into a beautiful bead". I can relate to her words. I'll bet most artists can. That is what a great artist is and Wilma certainly is one.

Wilma gets her inspirations from just looking at her glass rods and of course, nature and it's stunning colors also guide her. With so many beads around, Wilma has branched out even more, designing jewelry. How wouldn't want some beautiful jewelry for themselves.

You can find Wilma Travis at


Jamie said...

What a wonderful feature on Wilma, Jann! Great job!

Not bad at all for being in the hot seat as you said!!!

Creations by JAE

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...


Wonderful feature...

Loved reading Wilmas journey through ceramics, stained glass, lampwork and so much more...



A Beaded Affair said...

Great job Jann. Have to agree with you about Wilma's beads, they are beautiful.

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Wonderful feature on Wilma you pulled together here Jann! Thanks for supporting and promoting this hardworking eSMArts team mate. Starving artists rock!
~Anna Lee

Studio618 said...

What a nice article about our Wilma.

Anonymous said...

Jan, great blog article. I agree with you on Wilma's beads and the quality....I've bought some and would like to buy more, once our summer schedule starts! She has such a variety of colors and styles in her store. Teri