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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #4

The Etsy group I belong to has a shop open where all moneys earned from sells are all donated to a charity. In this time in our world, we don't realize all the people & little children, who haven't the very essentials of life. Those things that we count on & yes, take for granite.

This shop may never feed all the hungry, or put a roof over all the homeless, but we all in in eSMArtsteam feel the same. Whether you buy from us or are already doing your part, keep all those less fortunate in your thoughts & prayers.

Now, for the reason I'm writing tonite. There is a gorgeous pair of wire wrapped earrings in the shop. They are made of a heavy black wire & briolettes, chandalier style. Here's the URL

They were made by Anna Lee Husband. She is quite a designer, so jump over and take a look.
There are many other great items to look at & many old artists.
That's it for tonite.
Warmest Regards

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Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Hi Jann!
Yes, isn't our team shop a wonderful concept? I'm so proud of all our eSMArts members, especially those of you who have donated items to this worthy cause.

And Jann, what a gem YOU are to promote one of my items. Here's the link: cuz the one within this article isn't working for me.
~Anna Lee