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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & My Friends #13

I have a follower
of my blog that I
didn't recognize.
Ohhh, another
shop to browse.
When I got to looking at the jewelry
I began to drool. What lovely symmetry
it had and an unusual balance.

As I was observing
the color combos
the pieces began
to look very
romantic and
quite pretty.
I just had to tell
the world about the beautiful bracelets.

She does her own
lampwork and as
you can see she is
quite good. The
bracelets are big
and chunky. Just
my style.

Example after
example she is
consistent. One
nicer than the
next. But "Who
is She. I have to
admit that I
personally don't know much.
Her profile was was very short.
I know she lives in Lake Havasu,
AZ, (my home state),that her
Birthday is on June 13th, Happy
Belated Birthday, and her name,

The name of
her shop is
Klassy Joolz.
I hope all
who read this
will go on over
and give her a
look see. Her URL is
From a 1 to 10 I give her an 8. She's
worth it.


Mary Anne Gruen said...

I especially like the lampwork on Klassy Joolz. Thanks for bringing this over!

Klassy Joolz said...

Hi Jann,

WOW!!! I'm so honored by your blog about my jewelry and the time you took to write about me. Such a great surprise and thank you so much for all the wonderful things you said!!! Know one has ever done anything like that for me and to think our paths just crossed.

I didn't realize that my profile at my Etsy Shop was gone...don't know where it went??? It's fixed thank you for that as well.

I'am new to trying to Social Network to get even a little bit known. My jewelry started out about 4 years ago as a hobby basically just jewelry for myself, friends and gifts. My passion has grown from there. I've had an Etsy Shop for two years and have not really sold much so now I'm seriously trying to market my designs in new and different ways. It's alot of work and takes away from what I would rather be doing...designing.

I've met such wonderful, talented, and thoughtful people, such as you, thru the internet. It's our own little art world out there!!!

Thank you again, as I am just so overwhelmed by your kindness!!!!
Love your jewelry designs, love your water color Snow Leopard and love your Phoenix Logo!!!!!...One of your creations, too, I bet.

Best Regards,