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Monday, March 16, 2009

Art & Artists - Me & my Friends #11

Today I would like to introduce Elayne, who is one-half of ChezChani on Etsy.

She is a member of eSMArts on

Etsy also. I am featuring her today to

let everyone who reads my blog know

what a great gal she is and a fantastic

bead weaver. Originally from Montreal

she and her Mother have lived several

years in Las Vegas. Mom is the other

half of ChezChani but we will just talk

about Elayne for now. She does

bead weaving. Very beautiful & unique

items of jewelry. I have put up a few

pictures for you to enjoy. She also

weaves the prettiest of beaded rings.

I personally believe that they are her

best items, but that is just me. Her

necklaces are to drool for and of course

the bracelets, they are very pretty too.

She makes matching bracelet & earrings

to look like the suits on playing cards,

appropriate I thought, her living in

Las Vegas. You can find her on

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ChezChani said...

Thanks so much!!! My etsy page, is and my blog is htt://